martes, diciembre 16, 2008

¿Eres Mexicano? Test..... Buenísimo.....

How Mexican are you? If you can run and play any sport while wearing chanclas... Your a Mexican!!If your late Tio left you a van and you turned it into a taco vending business... Yes, you're a Mexican.If you pronounce words beginning with
the letter 'S' by putting an 'E' in front of it, (ESpurs instead of Spurs)...big
time Mexican.If you call a chair, a sher, you got it.... Mexican.If you have ever
hurt yourself and your mama rubbed the area while chanting, ' Sana , Sana , Colita
de rana.....' You're Mexican, big time!!!If you have your last name in old English
lettering anywhere, your car, truck, or tattooed on your back... Yes, you ARE a
Mexican (proud one too).If you refer to your wife as your ruca, your hina, your
wifa, your old lady, mija or your vieja, guess what?...Not only are you a Mexican,
you're a cholo.If you throw a 'Grito' every time you hear Vicente Fernandez...then
not only are you a Mexican, but you are a drunk Mexican.If you have ever been
pinched in church and been told 'pobrecito de ti si lloras' or 'Vas a ver orita que
salgamos.' ... Yes, you're definitely a Mexican.If you grew up being called 'chamaca
or chamaco' ... Mexican.If you grew up scared of La Llorona, or fear the dark because
of El CuCuy! ... Yes! Mexican!Si te persinas with a lotto ticket in your hand before
every drawing....You're in the Mexican Zone!!!If you ask for something by 'dame esa
chingadera' instead of calling it by its name... Yup! Mexican!If you constantly refer
to cereal as 'con fleys' or cake as 'kay-ke'... You're a Mexican.If you use manteca
instead of vegetable oil and can't figure out why your butt is getting bigger... You might be a Mexican.If you have some Tias that dress up in their prom dresses to go to a birthday party at'el parque'... GUess what? You are a Mexican. If your Tias and Abuela dress up in their Sunday best with heels and all to go to the 'pulga.' (AKA the Flea Market) ...Then, yes, you are a True Mexican.If most of the houses on your block are painted bright pink, mint green, and lavender....Mexican.
If you use the bushes in front of your house, the fence, or the top of an old car to dry laundry. ...Yes, you're a Mexican.If you're congested and your mamasita rubbed 'Bicks' on you...You're Mexican.IF YOU DON'T NEED ANY EXPLANATIONS FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE A TRUE MEXICAN. VIVA LA RAZA!!!

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JMRM dijo...

Muy bueno jeje

Sergio Su dijo...

ciertisimo! creo que saco un 80% de los reactivos, un saludo y una felicitacion por el blog!
Sergio Su

Sergio Su dijo...

una felicitación por el blog! saque 80% creo, jajaja super bueno!
un saludo!
Sergio Su

Anónimo dijo...

Esta bueno, pero creo que el titulo deberia de ser SABES SI ERES UN CHICANO/A...

Robert dijo...

Jaja! Tomando la prueba, estoy en torno al 50% mexicana!